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PC Gamer Why Torn Banner isn’t making a Chivalry sequel (yet) Unwinnable: “Dinner Gear” article on the Metal Gear Solid series “Killing the Worm” article on the game Arx Fatalis, and my teen years Dorkshelf: Far Cry 3 review Xbox Spring preview Guacamelee gets set for knock-out interview The Escapist: Call of Duty 4 review Contra …

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Me talking on video

GDC 2016 Main Conference talk Collaboration, Not Competition: Growing Your Community Through Studio Partnerships Interview with Youtuber Guude Boulderfist

Hoisting the Banner – new gig 2.0

After a brief stint at the OMDC where I learned an absolute ton of detail about the Ontario interactive industry, I’ve moved on to an awesome opportunity at Torn Banner, developers of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare for PC and consoles (and a super secret awesome unreleased new game). Excited to be part of a world-class team working …

2015 and a new gig

I started off 2015 with a new job at the Ontario Media Development Corporation. I’m now working on screen-based funding programs and events for Ontario’s cultural industries – including film, television and (my favourite) interactive. I’ll get to work everyday to help coordinate millions of dollars worth of provincial funding to some of the world’s …