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Favourite interactive video gamings of 2013

Amnensia: A Machine For Pigs – I’m normally too scared to play through horror games, but a friend and I managed to double-team this one last weekend (a handy tactic I’ll re-use in the future). Very scary, but the horror was grounded in a fascinating story that I’m still thinking about – manifesting lots of 1899’s paranoia towards industrial technology, Nietzschean modernism and the perils of science.

Stanley Parable – Funniest game of the year, hands down.

Tomb Raider – Metroidvania in Uncharted clothing. Well, unnecessarily-revealing-sexy-lady clothing. But great fun.

Gone Home – I waited until the “hrrghgh I liked Gone Home me too me too!!” hype died down and played this in December. It felt like diving into a really good short book. Loved it.

Batman Arkham Origins – Critics lamented that it offered more of the same. So what? I like the same! Give me more Batman. (Okay, be a bit different next time around).

Guacamelee! – I must really love Metroidvania games, eh? Guacamelee is the best 2D offering of this genre in years. Also one of the better soundtracks in ages.

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger – Thanks to me currently reading Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series, I was really in the mood for this, which I picked up only recently in the Steam sale and have been plowing through since. Probably the best Western ever, if it weren’t for Red Dead Redemption.

Ridiculous Fishing – I unlocked everything. Says it all, really.

Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior – How can a game about Spike TV’s Deadliest Warrior show, featuring melee combat, pirates, ninjas and vikings NOT BE FUCKING GREAT?

GTA V – Disappointing story and characters that takes a step back from GTA IV’s immigrant story, but you still can’t beat GTA V’s incredible recreation of an entire city and surrounding region.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist – Best couch co-op of the year, and probably my favourite SC game.

Hotline Miami – Guns, beats and animal mask weirdness. So damn cool.

The Last of Us – Weird how this came out only this summer, but feels like a timeless classic already.

Battlefield 4 – Alright the bugs and crashes were utterly terrible, but when it works, BF is still the best multiplayer shooter out there. Some pretty incredible moments like watching a tank take down a helicopter while you race by on a jetski over a jump, shooting an RPG at the tank so EVERYTHING EXPLODES BEAUTIFULLY.

Killzone: Shadow Fall – One of the better shooters of the year, and the best of a long (though not great) series. Not amazing, but at least tried something new by placing players in Dishonored-style open sandbox environments, giving them a bunch of strategic tools and solid shooter mechanics.

Resogun – Man this game is awesome. A sleeper launch hit for PS4. I’m not even a huge bullet-hell genre fan, but this really struck a chord with me.

Favourite musical discs of 2013

In no particular order. I have probably forgotten something essential.

Sebastian Granger: Yours To Discover

Wildlife: On the Heart

Daft Punk: Random Access Memories

STRFKR: Miracle Mile

Kanye West: Yeezus

Solange: True

Yamantaka // Sonic Titan: Uzu

James Blake: Overgrown

Strokes: Comedown Machine

Lucius: Wildewoman

Katy Perry: PRISM

HAIM: Days are Gone

QOTSA: Like Clockwork


Why we’re giving all the money away

Why we’re giving all the money away


Poster For Game Jam Documentary
Game Jam Documentary is a film being created by our friend Troy Morrissey who did much of the sound design work on They Bleed Pixels (under an insane deadline (Sorry Troy!)).  GJD is pretty much what the title implies: a documentary on game jam’s and jam culture.  You can read more about it here:

Totally loving this poster. A real tribute to game jams everywhere.


LONG STORY is a game about surviving your teen years.

Because being a teen is great and all, but there’s a lot to survive, and much of it doesn’t get talked about.

What’s the game about?

When you return home after a year in France, your new school Weasel Heights proves almost as bizarre as its name. The rugby team is obsessed with animals that don’t exist, the principal keeps trying to talk students into meditating, and the girls who keep harassing you appear to be sharing one brain across three bodies. As if figuring out the social landscape of the school isn’t difficult enough, the previous owner of your locker leaves you the only clue to solve the mystery of her sudden disappearance.

If you manage to work up the nerve to ask out your crush, there are 5 dateable characters in Long Story: Two girls, two boys, and one… well, some people defy labels.

Is the player character a girl?

Yes, but feel free to pretend otherwise if it suits you.

Are there queer dating options?

Sure are, this game is queer-positive.

… You named the school Weasel Heights?

Yes. Yes we did.

Tell me more of these people whose hearts I may steal.

Follow us on tumblr for updates! We plan to start releasing information on the various characters shortly.

When’s it coming out?

LONG STORY is coming out in Fall 2013.

Excited to be helping out with the marketing and launch event for this game – A Long Story: a queer-positive dating sim for young teens.