Did anyone REALLY beat Year Walk?

I beat Year Walk this past weekend, and it was the most fun I’ve had on my iPad since Google Chrome’s incognito mode.

Well, I say “beat” – but part of the reason why I’m still thinking about the game so much is because I’m not convinced I’ve actually finished it yet. Mild spoiler: there’s two fairly obvious, consecutive endings that the vast majority of players will get to. But from the massive amount of questions left unanswered by the game, and clues that haven’t been involved in puzzle solutions yet, it seems to be quite possible that there’s at least one more ending.

The coolest thing? No one seems to have found it yet. That’s why I’ve been hunting around gaming forums all week to see if there’s been any progress. The consensus is that there’s still more to be found in the game. This conspiracy is aided by the fact that fan emails to the developers Simogo have resulted in cryptic responses that suggest more MUST be around the corner.

Unanswered questions include:

What do the 3 sets of numbers written down in Theo’s diary mean?

What are the rest of Theo’s drawings trying to communicate?

What does the second ending hint at?

It all seems to point towards either a) A new numeric password to be entered into the diary lock screen or b) A different symbolic password to go into the wooden box in the game itself.

Or both! So please, buy the game, play it – it’s astonishingly good – and then tell me what to do next.

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