Dinner Gear

I wrote about playing the Metal Gear series with my good friends Ben and Mike, for Unwinnable again. Read it here!


Is Metal Gear the product of an ingenious artiste demonstrating against-the-grain creativity, or the simple answer to the question: what happens when you give a 15-year-old Japanese schoolboy $70 million and a videogame studio? Does it exist beyond hype, as IGN froths, deserving at least 11 out of 10? Or a 12 perhaps? To sum: How can a series that is so bad be so good?

And so it was with these questions and the spirit of adventure that three guys set out to explore the Metal Gear Solid series; drunk, tired, sweaty and coated in the dusty leavings of Sweet Chili Heat, we embarked on several evening adventures called DINNER GEAR.

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