Pipe Trouble – a serious game about Big Oil

I’m doing a bunch of the marketing for Pipe Trouble, the first game from celebrated indie publisher Pop Sandbox in Toronto. It’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever been involved with. In a nutshell:

1. A politically-charged tablet and web game about natural gas exploitation was developed with programming by Golden Gear Games, and audio by members Jonah and Mike of the band Fucked Up.

2. Game was installed in custom built, full sized arcade machines to be taken to various events and locations around Toronto. Cinemas, bars, galleries, art installations, you name it.

3. Launch event at Get Well bar, featuring 7 playable arcade cabinets. We got covered on Electric Playground! Also going to SXSW in Austin, Comic Con in Toronto and GDC in San Fran.

3. All of this tied in with release of TVO documentary Trouble in the Peace, airing on TVO and premiering at Bloor Cinema and The Royal.

You can play for free, or buy a tablet version of the game on PipeTrouble.com.

Pop Sandbox’s Facebook page is full of a lot of info, including competitons and blogs – such as this one by Fucked Up’s Jonah.

If you’re at Comic Con this weekend – pop by the Pipe Trouble booth to say hello! I’ll be there with Kaitlin from Pop Sandbox. If not, there’ll be a few playable cabinets at The Royal this weekend, during the premiere of Trouble in the Peace.

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