Killing the Worm

I wrote something for games + pop culture website Unwinnable. It’s about my time as a teen going to school in the UK (age 10-18), and using videogames to get over tough spots in life. Here’s the first paragraph:

It happened beneath a castle. Dozens of miles underground, sheltered from the wintry wastes of the forgotten surface, in the world of Arx Fatalis. Sprinting past humanoid rats stabbing at me with rusted knives, I make my way through dark tunnels encrusted with car-sized Venus flytraps and hanging cocoons pregnant with God-knows-what. I light a torch, checking my paper map to note that I’ve entered a maze of narrow tunnels, pitch with darkness and inebriating in déjà vu. Ahead of me, a shaft narrows and turns from black to red. A slick wallpaper of human organs cakes the entrance, wet rib bones gleaming with fresh innards. This is where I kill the worm.

Read it here.

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