LEIF – my second game


I made my second game “LEIF” at this year’s Toronto Game Jam (TOJam). My third time attending; in 2012 I did mostly marketing/web/pr stuff for Project Overboardwhile in 2013 I made Journo, my first game.

This time around I made a far more technically demanding Twine game (bunch of custom scripts and CSS stuff) and integrated a bunch of redesigned Puzzlescript HTML games into the actual Twine pages. My goal was to simply make a game that was more interactive but required only entry-level technical skills in terms of design. The incredibly easy Puzzlescript by increpare allowed me to do this, while I was also able to stretch out what’s possible in Twine in terms of effects and typography. Next time around, I’d like to make a “real gaem” either in Multimedia Fusion 2 or GameMaker.

As with Journo (which was comprised of a series of real interviews I did at TOJam8), in LEIF I was trying to play around with the form of games as a medium, rather than create some neat game mechanic or awesome story. I did end up coming up with a narrative I was rather intrigued with though, which was further inspired and extended by the amazing cover art and music that two friends at TOJam (Gavin McCarthy & Patrick Rainville, respectively) made for the game.

So as not to spoil it, here’s the basic tagline: it’s about a child learning how to become an adult, at the end of the world.

Would love to hear any thoughts on the game, via my Twitter @alexhayter.

Please enjoy it in full-screen with sound on.

(some reports of bugs when playing it in Windows Chrome)

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