TIFF Nexus – New Media Literacy project

This was a great project I was involved with in 2012. I was part of a creative jam team at TIFF Nexus that came up with a project geared towards educating youth through new media literacy. It was fun! Our project was called “We Built This City” – the first one described by me in the above video. A team of four of us designed a type of interactive curriculum for learning about city planning – basically, a boardgame that was designed through new media technologies (web forums, 3D printing and kid-friendly¬†3D creation tools like Minecraft and Lego Designer) and played according to a choice of different established rulesets and printable city grids. The prototype website that guides players is still live here.

It was designed to be entirely free (apart from printing costs for the user) and open source. We finished a polished prototype and printed out a selection of 3D buildings that I designed in Minecraft. Still one of the cooler things I’ve been involved with!

You can read more at TIFF Nexus and watch our presentation (by Skot Deeming) below.

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